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Welcome Fellow C-1's to the official First Stage C-l Webpage! Hey Guys if you get this message that means you can't see the scrolling/fading word thing with your browser. Go get a better one at Netscape

If you have no idea what First Stage is go
But if you do, as I mentioned above, this is
the C-1 webpage. You can leave a messege
on the message board, or submit a report to
me and I'll put it on the reports page.
If you have any ideas for other things for
this page, or if you have links to other good
sites let me know at
This Midi is called I Just Can't wait to be King
from the Movie the Lion King encase you wanted to know.
I'll keep changing midis every so often.
Here are a few places to go:

Click on the flying pig to go to the message board!

Camp Silver Minnow (My Redwall Page)

Play Listings See who's in a play and find out the time and date so you can see them in it!