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PALS (Pass a-long Story)

You walk over to a husky looking mole carrying a parcment at a desk.
You ask "What are you reading?"  The mole answers back "Hurr this 
be a pass'long stery zurr hurr hurr.  Oi write a chapter 'hen you do!"
To you it sounds interesting.  You  thank the mole, and grab a quill 
pen and a parchment and start writing.
    I will write the intro then someone will read the intro, and start
writing the first chapter, and then someone else will read the intro
and the first chapter, and write the second, and so forth.  You have to 
sign up before you start writing though I will post who will be
writing which chapter, and E-mail the beast when it is due.  You can not 
sign up 2 times in a row, but you can sign up twice. You get 10 honors  
for every chapter you submit. Make sure you say what squad you are in also. If you don't know you're squad, state it in the E-mail.  Send in those great Pals chapters!

Here is the intro:

    This story is about a small orphan hedgehog, who is adopted by Lord
Hanglar, badger lord of Salamandastron.  When the Long Patrol found
him, they saw he carried only one thing.  His father's war club.  And
instead of crying and whining like most infants, the dibbin hedgehog 
stared at the ruins of his town, with bloodshot eyes.  Not old enough
to say it, but thought in his head he would destroy the vermin screaming
on his knees that did this, lucky if death came swiftly for the 
pathetic soul...
Chapter 1

The young hedgehog grew up under the stern eye of Lord Hunglar. When the young hedgehog came to Salamandastron, he carried a war club, and didnt talk. Nobeast could blame him, and they only saw the after matter of the war. Lord Hunglar carried a war club, some said it was Lord Sunflash the mase's own. When the hedgehog started talking, he said his name was Zenti, but he would like to change it, after his father. Lord Hanglar granted his wish, so the young Zenti would now be called Spikepaw, after his dead father. Spikepaw learned how to use his club, and he often practiced with the badger lord. There were a lot of battles the first few seasons, but the badger lord would not permitt Spikepaw to go out and fight. One day, durring a midsummer feast at the mountain, a horde of vermin came to the mountain, and surrounded it. This was a large, trained and deadly horde, ready to slay at a moments notice by their leader. Venteroth stood in front of his horde. Not one vermin in the croud, did not look up and see a barbaric war god. A handsome pine martin. About twice the size of a regular one. He was a light brown, with a cream colored underbelly. He had a light rapier tucked in his belt, with his left paw resting lightly on it. Drapped around his shoulders was a deep purple cloak, fastend at the throat with a gold crown. He stood upon a large rock, in front of Salamandastron, looking it over. "Deadear! Get up here!" He comanded, and a little rat scampered up the rock as fast as he could. With no no struggle, Venteroth picked up Deadear, untill the were nose to nose. "See all those openings in the mountain?" asked Venteroth "You and a 10 other warriors, get in there, and slay as many as you can, then report to me with the number of warriors! No go!!" And with that, he kicked him off the rock on to the sand. By Swiftaxe

Chapter 2

'C'mon Spikepaw, old chap!' Called out an extremely tall levret. 'Yeah, I'm coming. Just wait a sec' Replied Spikepaw. Harmey waited impatiently for Spikepaw. He finally appeared with his beloved club clutched in his paw. 'Well that took a while, wot 'appened?' 'Sensley just wanted to talk to me, she wants me to 'elp her in the kitchen tomorrow. So, where are we goin, an' what are we gonna see?' 'Jus' come with me Spikey, an' you'll see.' Harmey rushed off through the honeycombed tunnels of Salamandastron, with Spikepaw hot on his heels. Spikepaw fell further and further behind Harmey. Then, suddenly Spikepaw lost sight of him. 'Pssst, in here Spikey, ol' chap' Harmey's voice whispered out of a crevice in the ancient rock. Spikepaw squeezed in beside his friend. 'Where are we Harmey?' whispered back Spikepaw 'In the gorgeous mountain o' Salamandastron, I would o' thought a bright spikey bod like yeself would know.' replied Harmey 'I know we're in Salamandastron, but I don't know WHERE' Exclaimed an exaspeated Spikepaw 'Don't worry. C'mon, we need to see this before they leave' he said as he moved off. 'Before who leave?' Spikepaw muttered to himself as they once more plunged on into the enveloping blackness of the honeycombed mountain. At last Spikepaw saw a twinkling of sunlight. 'Now, look out that window, Spikey Back an' take a look' Harmey said triumphantly. 'Vermin!' Spikepaw said, his voice laced with hatred. 'I think they're preparing for an attack on good ol' Salamandastron. Whatdya think?' Harmey exclaimed happily 'Of course they are, c'mon we need to get back to Lord Hanglar, REALLY FAST!' Yelled Spikepaw as he rushed off once more into the darkness. 'WAIT FOR ME OL' CHAP' Replied Harmey, doing likewise..............
By Folrig Streampaw

Chapter 3

Lord Venteroth gazed down as he watched his vermin flood towards the much hated mountain of Salamandastron. He thought to himself, and allowed a quick smile to pass over his whiskers. The mountain may have been lucky the first few times that it had been attacked, but the leaders had been stupid, ill-prepared vermin, unlike himself. Once they reached the mountain, there would be much blood shed, perhaps on both sides, but he had a secret weapon that he expected to win him ownership of the mountain. He snapped his claws, and at once a small slave mouse was at his side, his feet and paws in chains. " You, mouse, get me water, quickly, and send in Silksbane. If you're not back in two minutes.... well, you'll just find out the consequences." he grinned evily to make his point. The mose ran away to do his master's bidding as fast as his bound paws could take him. The mouse came back less than one minute later with a jeweled cup filled with luke-warm water, but with no sighn of the vixen Silksbane. " Where's the fox, mouse?" He growled in a menacing tone. The mouse quivered, and nelt down for a blow. "Master, I cold not find her anywhe....ayyyyyyee!" The mouse shreiked in pain as the marten lashed at him with a small whip. "I said to bring the vixen, why do you disobey?" he delt the mouse another stinging blow and sent him away. Sighing, he closed his eyes to ward off a headache. When he looked up, the vixen stood before him, black as night, her green eyes glowing. "Ah, Silksbane." he said with mock comradship. "My friend, I am in need of your skills. Can you disguise yourself as a hare, by any chance? I need you in the mountain, and maybe, my assasin, you can kill the badger yourself. There would be a great reward for such a feat, you know." He winked at her, and she smiled grimly. In a voice not much more than a whisper, she replied, " Sire, I am the master of disguise. A hare is a mere trifle. I will get into the mountain with ease, at your command." Ventroth smiled, his fangs flashing. "Oh, but I expect you to, friend. For you know the consequences for disobediance." The vixen bowed, and she hurried away, to alter herself in ways that would make her unrecodnized by her peers. She smiled as she put on the skull cap that elongated her ears, and bound her tail to nothing more than a nub. In went the false teeth that caused her upper lip to protrude, and she put on false whiskers. Also, she had to put on pices on her legs, to make them larger and longer, in the way that hare's were. She looked at her reflection in a mirror and found a black hare staring back. She grinned, and laughed a little to herself, and was off.

By Latila Swiftclaw.

Chapter 4 by Flawpaw

Alone, in the inner chamber of the Badger Lords, Hanglar pondered the new script. There had been peace for some time. What tidings did the passage bring. What ill did it foretell?

Under the guise of loyalty,
The darker hide of darkness hides,
Knot the hair and not the hare,
Beware the mountain woe betides!

On the shaded western slopes of Salamandastron the rats crept along, darting from stone to stone as they climbed. Deadear had chosen his band well, small, quick and deadly. There were six of the strongest rats in the hoard, three of the most experienced, and his rightpaw beast Stumptail. His only worry was weapons. For stealth and speed they traveled light, with short, poisoned blades - great for secret work, but not effective against long arms. Over his objections, Sticky, one of his best, had demanded to bring his pike. A seer had told Sticky long ago he could not be injured so long as he held it. True, he had been invaluable and invincible in battle, but twice already on the climb Sticky had dislodged rocks and risked them all. Still, now that they approached the opening Deadear was glad to have at least one weapon that could confront the Long Patrol. The opening was small, but unguarded. One by one the rats squeezed through. Deadear took charge. "Light a torch, Stumptail, before we stumble into pits! I've heard about this death trap! We'll rest here five minutes. Get your knives ready, but keep the points sheathed 'till I give the word. Sticky, you lead. I'll follow, and behind me Stumptail." After their brief rest the rats moved slowly into the dreaded mountain. "Shussh. Quiet!," whispered Deadear, "I hear someone! Shield the torches." Faintly, from the darkness they heard a cry, "Harmey, where are you? I'm lost. Harmey?" Spikepaw, running off into the unfamiliar passages, was hopelessly lost and had been looking and calling for Harmey for nearly a quarter hour. Using all his wits, but having no torch, he felt his way, trying to stay calm and trying to think carefully. Then he caught the smell. Once before, long ago.... At once they were upon him. "It's only a hedgehog!," said Sticky, "With a club." Advancing quickly, Sticky held his pike at Spikepaw's throat. "A club?," asked Deadear as he came forward. "Well, well, if it ain't the club we left behind in the sacking of Fairglen! Never could find it, though we tortured that old hedgehog for hours. Here it is at last. Ha Ha!" "Fairglen?," said Stumpy, "That's where my tail was smashed by the Mace, and where Lord Venteroth got his robe. Let me through!" "Give us the Mace, needle-face!" All was clear to Spikepaw. Not only vermin, but THE vermin. As the rage welled within him, he yelled, "The Mace you get, for Fairglen... ARAGHHHH!!!!" Catching the pike soundly it was wrenched from Sticky's hands. The second blow crushed his skull and sent him backward into Stumpy and Deadear. The third came down on Deadear's paw. Vermin screams sounded throughout the halls of Salamandastron.

By Flawpaw

Chapter 5

Silksbane hadn't been lying when she said she could get into the mountain easily. She swaggered down one of the many hallways, not passing anyone...yet. Her instinct for direction lead her into the passagways more frequented by the hares. The dark fox smiled to herself. Her conquest would be easy. Even now she could hear the shuffling of some unsuspecting hare. She made her way twards the noise. Rounding the smooth rock corner, she beheld in the torch light a levret. He looked confused. Silksbane cleared her throat and spoke. "'Ello there, young chap. You look lost!" The young hare jumped at the sound of her voice and turned. He smiled. "I certainly hope not, sah. But I believe our little spikey fellow is." Silksbane tried to cover up her confusion. Spikey friend? She cleared it from her mind and focused on her target. "You don't say." "Oh, I s'pose he doesn't know this 'ere mountain as well as his ol' Harmey, wot!" The young hare had stopped searching and now turned his whole attention to the black hare in front of him. "I say, I haven't seen you 'round before." "I was out for a long time with the big-er-long patrol, dontcha know." Harmey nodded. "Oh I s'pose that explains it! Anyway, I need to find our Lord and report to him, Spikepaw or not. I've got some important business to communicate with him." Harmey turned to go, and Silksbane rushed forward, drawing a dagger from the folds of her outfit. Just as she reached for the young hare's ears to yank them back and expose his throat, she heard a pounding. She turned her head and realized that there was a staircase next to her. Somebeast was coming down. Cursing to herself for not noticing earlier, she receaded into the shadows were Harmey had been looking. To her surprise, she stepped into a small doorway. Forgetting about Harmey, she began to explore the passagway. Her thoughts turned to what the levret had said. Something about the name he mentioned rang a bell. She searched her thoughts as she traveled down the dark corridor. Spikepaw...where had she heard that name? Silksbane took a smaller passage that branched off from the first, and her eyes strained to adjust to the dim half-light. She hugged the wall, her paws sliding on the smooth surface infront and behind her. Spikepaw...wasn't that the-- "Haha! Not so tough now are ya you little runt?" Silksbane's head snapped up and her paw reached for her dagger. Vermin. Her eyes narrowed. It would be just like Venteroth's horde to spoil all her plans. She growled despite herself. This was HER job, and some invading vermin were going to spoil it by blundering around. They'd probably even kill her, not recognizing the dark fox for what she was. A rat came slinking around a corner, and bumped into her. The rat squealed in surprise and recoiled. Silksbane sighed in exahsperation and slew him. She shook her head. She had no choice but to kill them. Venteroth would not like it, but it was his problem. She was doing her job. She went around the corner that the rat had emerged from and saw the rest of Venteroth's first assult team crowded around a bound and gagged young hedgehog. They were waving a club infront of his face and grinning evily. Silksbane's mind ran. If she saved this lost little hostage, for she assumed it was the same Spikepaw that the levret had been searching for, she may gain herself a face to face meeting with the badger Lord to give him her report and recieve congratulations for her bravery. That would be when she would make her great kill. Her mind made up, she lept forward. "Halt, you vermin scum!" she cried, drawing her dagger. The rats looked up in surprise, but two of them didn't have time to even see what dark shape was that hit them before they were killed. Silksbane ran at the wall and pushed off from it, propelling herself into three of the rats. She made a few intricate slashes in the air, and the three dropped dead. Only one remained, but he was ready with his poisoned dagger. Silksbane kicked out with her back paws, which were reinforced with the additions she had made to make herself look like a hare, and disarmed him. She then slew him in a single dagger thrust. Silksbane turned to the tiny captive, whose eyes were shining with anger. She picked up the fallen club and then untied the hedgehog. Silksbane pointed to the rats on the floor that she hadn't killed herself. "You did that, young one?" Spikepaw nodded, wishing he had gotten the chance to take out more of the vermin, but glad that the mysterious black hare had come when she had. "Thank you, you saved my life." Silksbane just smiled. "We better report this to the Lord...wot?"

By Goldenpaw

Chapter 6

Lord Hanglar was still quietly pondering the script when he heard someone yelling for him. Rubbing his eyes, he stepped out of the badgers' chambers, and into the bright sunlight of reality. Emerging, he saw a rather nervous levert, Harmy, was his name. One of Spikepaw's mates, the lord recalled. Harmey cleared his throat. "Lord, sah. I'm afraid I 'ave two things to say. The first is rather important, sah." Hanglar started to feel slightly worried, deep inside, but quelled the feeling quickly. "Speak up, chappie," he encouraged the leveret. "I was with Spikepaw, sah, and we spotted vermin troops outside Salamandas-" "What?" Exclaimed Lord Hangler. "Did you just say we're under attack?" He asked. "Yes sah." Harmey replied. "And, one more thing, Spike-" Once again, Lord Hangler did not letHarmey finish. He rushed off, and his voice boomed out through the mountain. He was obviously in the echo room. "All warriors report! Everyone else to a safe place! Vermin are outside, ready to attack! Warriors to battle stations! You all know what to do!" He grabbed up his mace, which is said to have belonged to Sunflash, and rushed out. Harmey was left standing by himself. "That was good, ol' chap" He muttered to no one in particular. "Now you have to find the ol' Spikey fellah by yourself" He headed off into the darkness once more, looking for his friend. Spikepaw had no idea where he was, and neither did this black hare, it seemed. He was sure they had passed that last overhang just minutes before. He was getting worried. 'Lost in your own home, what a laugh' He thought. He felt hopelessly lost, thought he'd never get out of these dark tunnels of rock. He'd become trapped forever, rocks all around..... "It looks like we're a tad lost, wot?" Her voice broke through his somber thoughts, and he turned to look at her, surprised. "That we are, I'd say" He replied. "I don't know about you, but this part o' the mountain is a mystery. Lets hope Harmey, my friend, is still looking for me!" "Well," she said "Do you have any gut feelings about which way we should go?" "This way's as good as any" He said, as he gestured to a tunnel leading off the one they were walking along. They padded into the new tunnel, hoping it would lead them out to the main tunnels. Spikepaw noticed the strange texture of the rock walls here, and the ground was uneven, and also sloped down slightly. This did not seem like your average tunnel, Spikepaw thought, but brushed it away quickly. What they both didn't know was exactly where it would lead them. An amazing place, where no one had been in many, many seasons...... Meanwhile the legendary fighting hares of Salamandastron were preparing for war. They had a small advantage now. The vermin didn't know that the Salamandastron crew knew about them. An advantage that could be the line between victory, and defeat. Standing at one of the window slits, a youngish hare shuffled nervously, her bow in paw. "Your first battle, wot, wot?" An older, more experienced warrior asked. "Yes, sah" She piped up. He patted her on the back. "You're a good warrior, ol' chap. Now, don't you worry. We'll pull through, the hares of Salamandas tron didn't get their name for nothing!" He tried to reassure her, but had a heavy heart. He knew what war could do to a brave warrior. He wasn't looking forward to this. Not by a long shot........

By Folrig Streampaw

Chapter 7

As Spikepaw and Silksbane trodded on, down the seemingly enless winding tunnel, the walls started getting noticably narrower. Silksbane was getting weary and thought about turning around to find the lighted passageway she'd been in just hours before. She sighed. The dark air was growing gradualy hotter, and shortly she feared that her wax wiskers wuld melt off. Spikepaw looked over at her, but couldn't see the imposture hare in the darkness. He slowly resumed his search up ahead for any traces of a familiar landmark or small window that would indicate where they were. Then he saw it. It wasn't much but it made his heart leap with hope. Up ahead, a small peak of light could be seen trailing through what appeared to be an open doorway. "Would ya look at that!" He smiled happily. "We're saved! I bet that's the dining hall!" But as he ran closer, he found that it was not. The two beasts stood in the doorway of what looked like a work room. Heavy metal and wooden weapons lay piled in corners and hung on the walls. In the center of the room, a fire bubbled in a huge rock basin that seemed to be an oil spring. Spikepaw ran forward. "Hello?" His heart beat madly. No other creatures where in the room. Silksbane gazed around in wonder. "This place looks as though it hasn't been visited for years, bucko! Look at all the weapons!" In her head, she thought about how much praise she'd get from her lord for finding this place. The hedgehog turned towards his companion. Then his eyes widened. What stood in front of him was a dripping mess. Silksbane's wax wiskers and teeth where deformed and melting in the heated room. She turned her head this way and that. "What're you goggling at wot wot? You're lookin' at me like I just grew an extra set of eyes ol' chap!" Spikepaw instantly regained his composure. "Well, don't panick but... Your teeth are melting. Pre'aps 'tis a cold." The foxe's heart thudded so hard in her chest that she thought it might jump out. Then she realized how clueless this hedgehog was. "Teeth don't blinkin' melt wot when you've got a cold! This place is danger bucko! But have no fear, while you retreat I'll cover your back." "Come on!" The hedgehog waved his paw, gesturing for the 'hare' to follow him. Then he saw another door across from where they'd entered. "This way." A heavy rusted barred door was over the other passage way, but with the two creatures pulling it together, they managed to open it enough to slip through. But another problem blocked their way. A large bolder. Spikepaw backed up then ran, slamming himself into the bolder. Then the black 'hare' joined in. After pounding it for about half an hour, it moved about six inches. Then Silksbane got an idea. She ran to one wall and picked up a long steel pike. The vixen cleverly wedged it under on end of the rock, and heaved with all her might. Spikepaw did the same. Within an hour, the boulder had been moved to the side. The two stepped into a long, narrow room. A single candle was lit, it was placed in the center of the room. The hedgehog could see drawings etched over the walls. Then he realized that he was in the secret chamber of Salamandastron where only badger lords where alowed. Luckily, the lord had left the door open when he'd left. Spikepaw and Silksbane ran out into the light. The hedgehog regretted that he hadn't spent more time in the work room, now it dawned on him that that was the workshop that lord Brocktree had made Martin's legendary sword in. But then he remembered the danger on paw. How much time did he have until the vermin attacked Salamandastron? Had the hares already lost? Were Harmey and the rest of his friends still alive? How much time had he spent wandering around, lost in his own home. With his heart beating fast, he set off headlong into another, more known tunnel.

By Starfire

Chapter 8

   While Silksbane and Spikepaw drew nearer to the populated areas of Salamandastron, Lord Venteroth was growing impatient.
   He paced back and forth, muttering, "Idiot me, I should have known that silly rat Deadear would get lost or killed. Idiot rat. Should've known..."
   An hour later, Venteroth's patience snapped.
   He yanked a slave mouse to him and snapped, "Get me Burnclaw! Now!"
   The wretched mouse scurried, scrambling nimbly through the crowd of bored vermin. He returned five minutes later, a tall, red-furred ferret trailing him. Venteroth stepped down from his perch upon the big rock and greeted the beast witha grim, tense smile.
   "Aahhh, Burnclaw! C'mere, I need your skills to help me begin attack. That idiot Deadear seems to have gone off daisy-picking, so I need you and your crew to construct aboyut twelve dozen fire-slingers. If they work, we'll make more'n that, but we'll try 'em first."
   Burnclaw bowed deeply and said in a deep voice, "Your command will be carried out within the day, m'lord."
    "Better be," the ine marten snarled as the ferret scurried away.


   Back inside the mountain, Spikepaw and Silksbane had finally found their way to a residential area of the mountain. The ever-thinking fox, seeing an oppurtunity, slipped off in the direction of the kitchens. She left a suddenly confused Spikepaw, still walking down a hall, in her wake.
   "Well, d'you think--huh? Where'd she go? She was here a minute ago!"
   The fox peered into the kitchen, and, seeing no one about, went to work. The first thing she did was take a small glass vial from beneath her cloak and distribute its bluish, powdery contents between the six huge water barrels standing in a corner. Then, she began poisoning every food item in the kitchen, leaving nothing untouched. As Silksbane finished her poisoning, she heard thumping footsteps coming down the hall. Lord Hunglar walked in as Silksbane left, took a great gulp of water from one of the barrels . . . and slowly toppled over.


   A huge, all-black badger trudged up the side of Salamadastron, idly swinging his massive greatsword. A hare patrolling the side of the mountain skidded to a halt as he caught sight of the dark form diligently makign its way up the mountainside.
   "Oi! You there! Who're you?" The curious hare yelled.
   "Darkblade. You?" The badger bellowed back.
   "Moonbrook. I--"
   The hare was cut off in midsentence as another hare came dashing towards Moonbrook, yelling as he came.
   "Lord Hunglar! He's dead!" He cried out wildly.
   "Hunglar? What? My father!" The badger took off at a dead sprint for the entranceway.

By Alphaflame Strongfoot

Chapter one written by: Swiftaxe
Chapter two written by: Folrig Streampaw
Chapter three written by: Latila Swiftclaw
Chapter four written by: Flawpaw
Chapter five written by: Goldenpaw
Chapter six written by: Folrig
Chapter seven written by: Starfire
Chapter eight written by: Alphaflame Strongfoot
Chapter nine will be written by: Flawpaw
Chapter ten will be written by: Folrig Streampaw
Chapter eleven will be written by: Eisinore Suison

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