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Quote of the Week

Here is where you can submit a quote entry
from your favorite Redwall book.  I will
post on a first send first post basis.
You will get 4 honors and your entry will 
be posted on the Homepage, and here!
This is a good way to gain respect from
other members.  Also along with the quote,
say what book it's from, its page number,
and which paragraph it's from.

This week's quote for 4/23/00

"Look at 'em blubberin' Song, bet you can't start everybeast
weepin'by singin' somethin' nice an' sad?" Song stood on a rock,
and the young squirrelmaid's voice rang out into the
late-summer afternoon.  In the hush that followed the mellow
piece, Song noticed Dippler weeping.

-Dippler whispering to Song after the battle
-Submitted by Samkim
Marlfox Pgs. 350-351 from the middle of page 350 to the end of the chapter.

Send in those great Quotes!

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