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Ranking and Honor System

Here is the ranking system of my club.
Each 15 honors you earn you will be
promoted to the next rank.  When you reach
the rank of 1st Lieutenant, it will be harder and 
harder to get promoted.  Updates
for everything will be updated every
month , or if I have lack of entries, longer.
Once Second in command has been taken, you won't be able
to get higher than a Legend. Once you get
promoted to Legend, you will receive a (*) 
for every future promotion.  
Highest: 2nd in Command (Taken)
Legend (400 honors)
General (345 honors)
Brigadier General (295 honors)
Colonel (250 honors)
Lieutenant Colonel (210 honors)
Major (175 honors)
Captain (145 honors)
1st Lieutenant (120 honors)
2nd Lieutenant(105 honors)
Sergeant Major (90 honors)
Master Sergeant (75 honors)
1st Sergeant (60 honors)
Sergeant 1st Class (45 honors)
Sergeant (30 honors)
Corporal (15 honors)
Lowest: Private (0 honors)

Honor System

Here is a list of things you can do and how much honors you will get for doing them.

Activity Honors You'll Earn
Quiz 1 honor per right answer
Mission 5-10 honors
Mission Suggestion 3 honors if excepted
Long Story 15 honors
Poem,Story, Song, or Riddle 3-10 honors
Recipe 3 honors (max.5)
Link Suggestion 1 honor (max.10)
Poll 2 honors
P.A.L.S. chapter 10 honors
Word Scramble 1 honor per every correct answer
Poll Winner(s) 5 honors each winner
Nameday Suggestion 1 honor (max.10)
Nameday Voting 1st round: 2 honors 2nd round: 3honors
Nameday Winner 20 honors
Favorite Quote Suggestion 4 honors
If you found the Hidden page Depends on who finds it first see Hidden Page description at the activity tent
Fill-In-The-Blank 1 honor per every correct answer
Promotion 15 honors up to 1st Lieutenant, than it goes to 25, then 30, then 35, and so on until you reach Legend, when it is 60 honors per promotion

Activity Tent:
Camp Silver Minnow: