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Rules of The Camp

Greetings all, these are the laws as decreed by Sir Korik himself.
To break these ye bring about consequences....
Korik only forgives a beast once.


1. No starting wars or things ye can't finish without the consent of Korik or the CSM command
2. No foul language in stories or on the messageboards, keep to a minium in the chat.
3. No attacking other members, especially in time of war.
4. Ye must participate at least once a month while a member.

Punishments  When you break a rule this is what happens:

1. 1st time: warning
2. 2nd time: 5 honors taken off
3. 3rd time: demotion. (stripped down a rank along with the honors!)
4. 4th time: suspension
5. 5th time: banned forever!

Those are my rules!  If you follow them you won't get punished.  Thanks a lot!


Any questions, suggestions, comments? E-mail me

Camp Silver Minnow: