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Who Slew Who?

In this activity I give you half a completed  
sentence.  Starting with x was slain by by blank
and then you have to fill in the blank.  X stands
for the beast that got slain. 
This month's quiz answers can be found in the 
book Marlfox.  If you haven't
read this book yet, leave because it might give 
away parts of the book.  When in doubt, use the 
full names of things.  You will get one honor 
for each correct answer.  If the form doesn't 
work, then e-mail Korik the answers.
Good Luck!
1. Log a Log was slain by .

2. Fenno was slain by .

3. Gelltor was slain by .

4. Vannen was slain by .

5. Ascrod was slain by .

6. Queen Silth was slain by .

7. Raventail was slain by .

8. Nutwing was slain by .

9. Mokkan was slain by .

10. Ziral was slain by .

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